Senior Software Engineer - India

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Are You ready to experience working for a young, dynamic rapidly growing technology transfer company?

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our young, dynamic, and growing venture studio.

In this position, you will collaborate with international R&D institutes to build AI that has a human-like ability to focus its computational resources and intelligently control that focus and interact with people in a socially competent manner. The main project involves an integrative approach to awareness engineering to establish consciousness in machines. The ideal candidate should have a passion for artificial (general) intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, NLP, and explainable AI.

Project Description


Budget: 3.3 Million €

In the last decade, deep learning algorithms have enabled AI systems to perform a series of tasks, like speech and image recognition, as well as or better than humans. However, this technology is not going to be enough to deliver human-level intelligence without

consciousness. Without understanding the subjective awareness element, it may be impossible to build AI that has a human-like ability to focus its computational resources and intelligently control that focus and interact with people in a socially competent

manner. Our project proposes an Integrative Approach For Awareness Engineering to establish consciousness in machines.

Our project will provide insights into consciousness that are concrete enough, and mechanistic enough, that engineers can build upon it to facilitate future technologies. The study has the potential to be a toolbox for the construction of an EIC Portfolio in conscious AI.


  • Work directly on the Venture Studio R&D projects, helping to build a variety of revolutionary technologies;
  • Collaborate with colleagues on production systems and applications;
  • Develop novel, accurate AI algorithms and advanced systems for applications;
  • Design, experiment, and evaluate algorithms as well as models using tools such PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, HuggingFace;
  • Build and deploy scalable machine learning pipelines using tools such as MLFlow, Docker, and Kubernetes;
  • Write, test, and maintain production-quality code.


  • Ph.D. in CS, ML, Math, Physics, Statistics, Engineering, or relevant industry experience;
  • Proficiency in modern programming languages such as Python;
  • 5+ years of experience in one or more of the following areas: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Speech Recognition, AR/VR, Conversational AI, Robotics;
  • Solid knowledge of at least one machine learning research framework (e.g. PyTorch, Tensorflow), and at least one high-performance inference framework (e.g. TensorRT, Apache TVM);
  • Experience with cloud orchestration systems such as Kubernetes and cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure;
  • Experience with MLOPs technologies and workflow;
  • Ability to rapidly prototype solutions and iterate on them with tight product deadlines;
  • Strong communication, collaboration, and documentation skills;
  • Worked or studied in an international environment;
  • A fluent level of English;
  • Resilient to change and have the ability to roll with a frequently changing, fast-paced, environment;
  • Able to effectively work with colleagues around the globe in different time zones via smart working;
  • Availability to work European business hours (9 AM - 6 PM CET) Monday - Friday.


To highly motivated and ambitious individuals Alien can offer fast career progression and leadership opportunities.

Please note: Due to the high volume of candidates we are unfortunately not able to provide individual feedback regarding the outcome of every single application.